At the end of 2016, I was given the opportunity to be a part of a small design - build studio focused on local community.  The studio was tasked with the restoration, and additional erection of structures at Te Pōti Marae which would allow for the continued use of the facility. Te Poti Marae is situated on the Western bank of the Whanganui river and has no road access. In addition to transport and access issues, the project had an incredibly limited budget - as such donations and fundraising alone allowed for the completion of the project. Besides shared concept and developed design duties, I was responsible for the procurement of financial contributions. I was able to secure several major donors including the supply of all timber and fixing from a national New Zealand hardware outlet, as well as the supply of a large 50-person compostable toilet from a primary off the grid plumbing manufacturer. The following pages display a series of pictures and drawings taken from the course of the project.

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