Winner - 2018 NZ Concrete Learned Society Prize
The earthquake museum was a project facilitating the merging of all the skills acquired in the previous two and a half years of the BAS. The brief outlined the design of a national museum, with the incorporation of a memorial space for the remembrance of victims of New Zealand’s earthquakes. Emphasis on the design of seismic and gravity load resisting elements was also a major part of this project. My response to this brief was to create a thematic journey of dynamic exhibition spaces. These exhibition spaces are centred around a smooth cast concrete bowl that creates a contextually responsive, contemplative, and thought-provoking memorial space - that through careful design or roof penetrations - creates a light well which shines into the centre of a small contemplative pool at the anniversary times and dates of New Zealand’s major seismic events. The exhibition spaces of the museum circle this bowl on every level, a sense of intrigue is built by not allowing the function of the bowl to be known, until a person descends into the space.

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